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In 2015, I chose to leave my successful career in Mechanical Engineering and travel the world, build my own business and help clients around the world to succeed. 
It was a major risk - as I had zero experience in Building websites + Digital Marketing. No matter what, I was going to crack the code and become a successful business owner.
I was nervous, but quickly start studying hard and found support from other entrepreneurs also. We united on the journey of building our businesses.
I now support businesses globally and continue to build my dreams - on my own terms.

A few more things about me

I am a Food, Travel and Wellness Blogger at

Studied a 200hrs Certified Yoga Teacher program in India and Massage Therapy in Thailand and Qatar.

My 35+ travels around the world include Asia and Europe. My dream travel is to Japan, Iceland, New Zealand, and South America.

I have been an ex-pat in Scotland, Qatar, and France. I am currently based in Greece.

Sweets and Pasta are my weaknesses.

I love dealing with positive and "crazy" people.

My motto: No Passion, No Success!

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What my clients say


I provide complete digital solutions, undertaking the communication and advertising of your business.

At the same time, we have one of the most reliable fleet management solutions.


Prices start from

500 euro
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Facebook Ads

Prices start from

200 euro / month
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E-Shop Design

Prices start from

1500 EURO
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Web Promotion (SEO)

Prices start from

200 euro / month
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Website & Eshop Management

Prices start from

150 euro/month
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Social Media Management

Prices start from

150 euro / month / platform
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I Build Websites in WordPress with very beautiful designs and fast loading.

The WordPress platform is the most widespread and reliable website building platform in the world with a huge support community and an unlimited number of applications and features.

I also develop and implement targeted strategies and campaigns for my customers, in order to strengthen their brand & attract new buyers

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